Repair Work on Plainfield/Barre Town Line

There were some questions regarding the repair work on the Barre Town line. These pictures illustrate the degree of damage and the aggressive deployment of resources by Barre Town in order to fix the problems. The first set of pictures are Plainfield Brook Road (Lower Road in Plainfield feeds directly onto this damaged section). As you can see this project is going to take a couple of weeks, possibly three, to complete.

loose gravel repair work Plainfield Brook one

side view plainfield brook culvert

road closed plainfield brook rocks

The pictures below are from Cummings Road. (Middle Road feeds directly on to this damaged culvert) This section should be open first. Hopefully in about a week. (Friday Aug 28th or Monday the 31st note: sometimes additional fixes are mandated during construction so nothing is certain)

ws trucks on Cummings road

cu damage on cummings road

Thanks to all the folks from Barre Town for making this happen so quickly.


One thought on “Repair Work on Plainfield/Barre Town Line

  1. jeff blow says:

    Thank you for taking the time to do the photos
    ,, they look great and we are hopeful the Cummings Road project will be open really soon.
    jeff blow


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