More Pictures of Road Work on Barre Town Line and Lower Road

Before and After Plainfield Brook Road Culvert

Barre Town Getting the Job Doneloose gravel repair work Plainfield Brook oneloose gravel culvert afterside view plainfield brook culvertculvert downstream plainfield brook

View of Plainfield Brook Culvert from Upstream Side
culvert upstream side plainfield brook

Barre Town Working on Cummings Road Culvert
cummings road culver from plainfield side

View of Cummings Road Culvert from Upstream Sidecummings road culvert

Working on Downstream side of Cummings Road Culvert
ex at angle cummings roadcummings road downstream side

Town of Plainfield Contractors (Dubois and King) working on Portion of the Lower Roadrocks rolling off truck lower road holedust coming off rockslower road exca operator

Plainfield Contractors in Foreground. The repair of the Snowmobile Bridge in the Background (that work is being handled by VAST) lower road snow brige bg


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